23. July 2022

Scientific Advisory Board of the BMWK recommends: Recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the BMWK:

Make greater use of price mechanisms and incentives to save energy

The Scientific Advisory Board at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection has written a letter to Federal Minister Dr. Robert Habeck on the effects of the war in Ukraine.

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The scientists, among them Professor Christian Bayer (University of Bonn) and Professor Axel Ockefels (Cluster ECONtribute, University of Cologne), comment on

  • the handling of the gas shortage and a possible gas embargo,
  • on inflation
  • as well as on the integration of refugees from Ukraine
  • and the support of reconstruction.

The Scientific Advisory Council provides independent advice to the Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection on all economic policy issues. The 41 scientists meet five times a year, consult on topics of their own choosing and then publish their findings in the form of expert reports.

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