04. October 2023

Stefanie J. Huber joins the Department of Economics as Associate Professor in Finance Stefanie J. Huber joins the Department of Economics

Before joining the University of Bonn, Prof. Stefanie Huber worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam.

Stephanie Huber
Stephanie Huber © Privat
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She received her Ph.D. from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona under the supervision of Jordi Gali in 2017
and graduated from the European Doctoral Program (EDP) the same year. Before her doctoral studies, she studied Economics and Political Sciences at the Goethe University
Frankfurt, the Université Paris Dauphine, and the HEC Lausanne.

Huber’s primary fields of research are behavioral finance, household finance, macroeconomics, and housing markets. Her research explores expectation formation and decision-making at the micro-level and investigates the implications for the macroeconomy, the financial system, and optimal policy design. Huber is also working on gender economics. Her research aims to understand potential drivers for the imbalance between women and men in leading positions.

Huber has taught courses in Behavioral Finance and Macroeconomics, and Nonlinear Economic Dynamics. At the University of Bonn, she will be teaching courses on the topics of Behavioral and Household Finance.

Prof. Stefanie J. Huber

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