Greix – Real estate prices in Germany fall more sharply again

In the third quarter of 2023, residential property prices in Germany have fallen, in some cases significantly. Compared to the second quarter of 2023, all housing segments have become cheaper, although there are strong regional differences and outliers. Among the major cities, prices are most stable in Cologne and Berlin. The number of property transactions has fallen significantly. This is shown by the latest update of the German Real Estate Index (GREIX), a project of ECONtribute and the Kiel Institute, which tracks the development of German real estate prices using the latest scientific methodology. All data for currently 18 German cities and their districts is freely available at

ECONtribute Podcast - Wäre der Brexit vermeidbar gewesen?

In der Folge behandelte Fragestellungen: Wäre der Brexit vermeidbar gewesen? Wie konnte es überhaupt zum EU-Referendum kommen? Und droht uns eine Wiederholung der Geschichte? 

Jetzt als Tutor*innen bewerben

Der Einstellungszeitraum ist 08.04.2024 bis 19.07.2024, in dieser Zeit hält jeder Tutor bzw. jede Tutorin zwei Tutorien á 90 Minuten pro Woche.

Shanghai Ranking & THE Ranking: Bonn economics among the Top 100 in the world

The two renowned ranking providers Times Higher Education (THE) and Shanghai have published their annual subject rankings in the past few days. Once again, both rankings attest to the performance of the Department of Economics at the University of Bonn.

Sven Rady appointed Fellow at the Econometric Society

The Department of Economics congratulates Professor Sven Rady, Ph.D. for being elected Fellow of the Econometric Society.

Stefanie J. Huber joins the Department of Economics

Before joining the University of Bonn, Prof. Stefanie Huber worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam.

BGSE Graduates Axel Niemeyer and Luca Henkel

Congratulations! Axel Niemeyer and Luca Henkel graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

Hanna Schwank receives Reinhard Selten Award 2023

Hanna Schwank, Assistant Professor of Economic History at the Department of Economics in Bonn, receives the Reinhard Selten Award of the Verein für Socialpolitik. The prize is endowed with 3,000 euros. It is awarded to young researchers whose work is distinguished by its originality, the significance of the research question and a sound methodology. The award ceremony took place on 24 September during the annual meeting of the VfS in Regensburg.

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