How Germany gets through the winter without Russian gas

The German economy could absorb an immediate halt to Russian gas supplies with the right economic policy measures. Germany must reduce its gas consumption by around 25 percent by the end of the upcoming heating season. The economic costs of such a reduction would be similar to those of an energy embargo in the spring. This is shown by an updated estimate of the team around Prof. Dr. Moritz Schularick and Prof. Dr. Moritz Kuhn, members of the Department of Economics of the University of Bonn. The study has been published as “ECONtribute Policy Brief”.

Lehrpreis des Rektorat für Helene Maas

Helene Mass wurde vom  Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftlichen Fakultät für den Lehrpreis des Rektorates 2022 nominiert und hat diesen innerhalb einer feierlichen Verleihung übergeben bekommen. Grund für die Nominierung sind die besten studentischen Evaluationsergebnisse (Note 1,1) für ihre Lehrveranstaltung „Mikroökonomik B““ – im Wintersemester 2021/22.

The Wealth of Germans

Today, one percent of German households own around 27 percent of the total assets of all Germans. But what was it like in the past? Moritz Schularick, together with Thilo Albers and Charlotte Bartels, writes about the history of wealth distribution in Germany in the FAZ column "Der Volkswirt.

Recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the BMWK:

The Scientific Advisory Board at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection has written a letter to Federal Minister Dr. Robert Habeck on the effects of the war in Ukraine.

Shanghai Ranking 2022: Economics in Bonn takes top spot in Germany

The latest “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022,” part of the widely respected Shanghai Ranking, has underlined the University of Bonn’s prowess in not one but several areas: besides taking top spot in Germany for Mathematics and Economics, it has also come third for Agricultural Sciences and Physics. And the University is even among the top 15 in the world in Mathematics, ranking it ahead of such luminaries as Harvard and Columbia.

Profits caused wages in the financial sector to rise

Companies share rising profits with their employees, which has led to above-average wage increases in the financial sector in recent years. This was revealed by a team led by Prof. Dr. Michael Böhm, a researcher at the Department of Economics at the University of Bonn. The study has been published as an "ECONtribute Discussion Paper".

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