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Where can I network while studying?



Since 2015, the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Bonn, in cooperation with the MYJOBFAIR GmbH, realizes a career day each year.
The target group are the students and prospective graduates of Law (State Examination), Law & Economics (Bachelor of Law), Economics (Bachelor) and Economics (Master).
In addition to being able to reach potential employers for internships, secondary employment or permanent employment, students can also take part in lectures or get advice at the Career Center booth via the supporting program.

Find the next dates here:


WiWi Konkret

The series of presentations called WiWi Konkret brings practitioners from companies or banks, experts or renowned scientists with topics with direct practical relevance into the lecture hall.

In addition to the exciting lectures, there is always the opportunity to ask the speakers questions and come in contact.

Presenters and topics included:

Dr. Julien de Graat and Karen Forghani
Risk management of banks in the field of tension of regulatory requirements

Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel
Presentation of the annual report of the German Council of Economic Experts for the assessment of macroeconomic development

Dr. Reiner Klingholz
The demographic future of the nation

Prof. Dr. Helge Löbler
Credibility and communication - how we (mis) understand each other

The irregular presentations are announced on the start page.


The Department of Economics has a wide network of ALUMNI in the world. In the ALUMNI lectures former students of the faculty present their current occupational fields and how to get there.

Again, there is the chance to ask questions and to get in touch after the lecture.

Guest Lectures

In numerous modules the lecturers invite guests for connecting the teaching contents with practice or practical topics.

Take the chance to ask questions and get in contact with the speakers.


The lecturers of the Department are well networked and not only maintain contacts with scientists but also with companies, authorities and politics. Often, internships have been provided by mediation.

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