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Study Abroad, subject advising Master:

Sabine Hübner-Monien, Ph.D.
phone: 0228 73-9450

Study management, subject advising Bachelor:
Vera Häckel
phone: 0228 73-9451

Economics Examination Office:
Management: Viktoria Rohleder
Office Liesa Hausmann, Sylvia Kolb & Astrid Simon
phone.. 0228 73-9188

You can find a floor plan of the Juridicum here

You can find our office hours here:

Outside of office hours, public access is generally not possible.

We need this time to carry out our tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, which in turn ultimately benefits you.

Certificates & Formalities

We can provide you with the following stamped performance summaries, which can either be picked up during our office hours or mailed to you:

  • one English and/or German copy with all accomplishments,
  • one English and/or German copy without failures (this one contains the note 'is not for submission to another university').

You can obtain a certificate for the entire period of study for submission to the statutory pension insurance upon informal, written application to the Student Secretariat. If your entire period of study was before WS1994/95, please submit your application to the University Archives.

You can find the contact person responsible for you with the corresponding e-mail address here.

If your name has changed, please have it changed at the Registrar's Office. Otherwise, your name would not be listed correctly on your graduation documents.

Please note that the address entered in BASIS must be correct and valid, as information relevant to examinations is usually sent to you by mail.

If your address changes, please correct this immediately in BASIS.


  • For information on the transfer of credits of prerequisite courses toward the bachelor's degree Volkswirtschaftslehre, click here.
  • For information on the transfer of credits of prerequisite courses toward the master's degree in economics, click here.
  • For information on the transfer of credits of study abroad during your studies, click here.

In examination documents: In principle, the inspection dates set by the respective lecturers must be used. The dates are published on the website of the institute and/or the examination office.
If you are unable to attend this appointment, you will have the opportunity to inspect your exam at the examination office at a later date.
Please note that the Examination Office does not provide an assignment or sample solution and cannot answer any questions regarding the exam.
Due to the large number of requests, individual appointments cannot be made; we bundle them together and usually offer one appointment per week for inspection.

You may inspect reports of the Bachelor's/Master's thesis within a period of six months after delivery of the report upon written request (informal request by e-mail is sufficient). Here, too, an appointment must be made in advance.

Anyone who wishes to be released from the obligation to take the examination due to illness or for another valid reason after the end of the regular withdrawal period must immediately notify the university in writing of the reasons asserted for the withdrawal or the failure to take the examination and provide credible evidence (§ 14 Para. 2 BSc.-PO or MSc.-PO).

All further explanations can be found here (Withdrawal from examinations).

Basically, the deadlines for exam registration are cut-off periods. In fact, you can only register exactly during the specified phase. After that, no subsequent registration is possible in principle.

Unfortunately, we cannot take into account the individual wishes of individual students when planning exams.

The exam planning depends on a variety of factors that unfortunately leave no further room for individual wishes.

If you are unable to take an examination due to illness, the doctor must determine that you are unable to take the examination (see sick leave).

"Examination incapacity" (Prüfungsunfähigkeit) is not a medical, but a legal term. However, the doctor must determine the existence of the inability to take the exam. Please note that other terms, such as "unable to study", are not sufficient.

If unreasonable disruptions occur during the examination (e.g. construction noise or incorrect assignment of tasks), this must be reported immediately to the supervisors. If necessary, the supervisors can then extend the examination period by the time of the disturbance. It is no longer possible to submit a complaint at a later date.

Final thesis

Information about the registration of the bachelor thesis can be found here.

Information about the registration of the master thesis can be found here.

If you want to or have to comply with the semester limit, e.g. if you want to enroll in a Master's program in the winter semester and therefore have to complete the Bachelor's program in the summer semester, and want to make full use of the scheduled processing period of two or four months, please observe the following registration deadlines:

  • If you wish to submit your Bachelor's thesis by the end of the respective semester, i.e. by 31.03 or 30.09, you must register by 31.01 or 30.07 at the latest, provided that you wish to make full use of the two-month processing period.
  • If you would like to hand in your Master's thesis at the end of the respective semester, i.e. by 31.03. or 30.09., you must register by 30.11. or 31.05. at the latest, provided you want to make full use of the four-month processing period.

In principle, it is possible to write a thesis in a company. However, this can cause problems because companies usually require that a so-called supervision contract is signed by the university.
These supervision contracts are problematic for the following reasons.

The examination regulations require that the thesis must be written independently. This makes it difficult for the author to have access to a personal supervisor in the company. The thesis may not be systematically supervised throughout its preparation. Professional supervision is also not permitted.
The supervisor of the thesis is always the university lecturer who has given you a confirmation of supervision (examiner). This person determines the topic and the direction of the thesis.

Of course, we also realize that you may be handling sensitive data. If your examiner is willing to sign the confidentiality agreement, there are no problems here.
However, the work must remain usable in the context of the examination procedure, i.e. it must be submitted to the second examiner, for example, or must be allowed to remain viewable for internal procedures. You can object to the publication in the library so that no problems arise here.

It would be easiest if you first clarify whether the company you have selected agrees to these conditions or whether these conditions (declaration of confidentiality by the supervisor, not by the university; usability in the examination procedure) cannot be met. Regardless of this, you would need to find an examiner here at the university who is willing to supervise your thesis under these conditions and sign any confidentiality agreement.

A writing time extension can only be considered if you are not able to technically implement your existing intellectual abilities within the scope of the performance due to permanent disability or disability lasting longer than one semester or a chronic illness.

The medical certificate must therefore contain not only a diagnosis but also, in particular, information on the symptoms/effects of your illness.

Certificate & Degree

The graduation documents include:

  • the certificate, which is issued in the Bachelor's degree program in German. The certificate bears the date of the day on which the last successful examination performance was achieved and the date of issue. It contains:
    • all modules from which credit points have been acquired, with credits indicated as such,
    • the semester in which the credit points were acquired
    • the grades achieved in the individual examinations,
    • the overall grade of the Bachelor's examination.
    • the Diploma Supplement. This provides supplementary information in a standardized English-language form about the contents of the course, the academic and professional qualifications acquired with the degree, and about the awarding university.
    • the Bachelor's degree certificate on the award of the academic degree. This is written in German and bears the date of the certificate.
    • Both the English-language translation of the Bachelor's degree certificate and the certificate

Supplement to the certificate (graduate statistics)These documents do not have to be requested, but are automatically generated by us after you have passed the Bachelor's examination. As soon as they are ready to be collected, you will be notified by mail to the address stored in BASIS.

Information on the calculation of the overall grade can be found here.

Upon request, we can issue a supplement to your transcript (bachelor's and master's degrees) showing the distribution of grades for the last two academic years (grade chart: rank number).

External students

If you are interested in taking part in exams of the Department of Economics, please contact the respective lecturer first and inform him/her that you would like to take part in the exam.

Here you will find the specific exam dates for the first and second exam dates in the Dates column on the left.

Please do not forget to register for the exams via e-mail (
Please indicate your matriculation number, your name and the exams you would like to take.
The exam registration for the first exam period and second exam period can also be found on our website in the Dates column.

Please make an appointment with our international coordinator, Ms. Sabine Hübner-Monien, Ph.D., before registering for exams.

For students of other subjects:
Please note that you cannot register for exams via BASIS without prior one-time and personal registration at the examination office on the dates for admission/registration published in our schedule (see schedule). You can attend lectures/tutorials without further registration/attendance (you simply go there). Please check here for further procedure.

If you wish to register for exams after registration, you must do so via BASIS on the registration dates published on our website. The dates for the current semester can also be found in the schedule on our website.

Please note that registration deadlines are absolute cut-off dates, late registrations cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

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