05. Oktober 2022

Graduated from BGSE: Rubén Domínguez Díaz BGSE Graduate Rubén Domínguez Díaz

Congratulations to the new Bonn Graduate School of Economics graduate Rubén Domínguez Díaz!

Rubén Domínguez Díaz
Rubén Domínguez Díaz © Rubén Domínguez Díaz / ECON Uni Bonn
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Rubén Domínguez Díaz

My Research

Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics

"In my research, I have explored how household heterogeneity affects macroeconomic outcomes and how this, in turn, affects macroeconomic policies. For example, I have investigated the stabilization consequences of hiring subsidies provided to firms, the interaction between fiscal multipliers and unemployment insurance extensions, and the interplay between the state of the financial system and households' demand for liquid bank deposits."

My Future

"After obtaining my Ph.D. in Economics in Bonn, I joined the Bank of Spain as a research economist. I will continue working on policy-relevant research to contribute to the academic discussion and to inform policy decisions."

My Highlights

"The BGSE and the University of Bonn have an outstanding and research-intensive community that really pushes your investigation towards the research frontier. Furthermore, it is a very well-known place in Europe and in the rest of the world, which allows you to build a social network relevant to your career. Also, Bonn is a lovely city to pursue a Ph.D. It provides you with the calm that one needs to work, in contrast to the chaos of bigger cities, but at the same time is located in a vibrant metropolitan area with infinite opportunities to enjoy your leisure time and have fun."

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