23. September 2021

Get to know: BGSE Graduate Marina Khismatullina Get to know: BGSE Graduate Marina Khismatullina

Congratulations! Marina Khismatullina graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

Marina Khismatullina
Marina Khismatullina © Marina Khismatullina / ECON Uni Bonn
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My Research

Dissertation: Three Essays in Nonparametric Econometrics
"My thesis proposes new testing methods for investigating the properties of trends in nonparametric regression models. With the help of these methods we can, for example, confirm the global warming trend or compare the outbreak patterns in the development of the COVID-19 epidemic across countries in a statistically rigorous way."

My Future

"I enjoyed the time during my PhD so much that I decided to stay in academia: I have just started working as an Assistant Professor of Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam."

My Highlights

"I will not be original here but my main highlight in Bonn is people. I have always felt very much at home at my institute, IFS, and I made many friends at the BGSE. Apart from it, I am fond of the beautiful city of Bonn, especially Südstadt, Altstadt during the cherry blossom season and Rhein, and I always had an amazing time hiking in Siebengebirge or biking in the Ahr Valley."

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