15. Juli 2021

Get to know: BGSE Graduate Mikhail Ananyev Get to know: BGSE Graduate Mikhail Ananyev

Congratulations! Mikhail Ananyev graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

Mikhail Ananyev
Mikhail Ananyev © ECON Uni Bonn
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My research

Dissertation: Essays in Applied Microeconomics
"In my dissertation I cover two topics I've been working on. One topic is about individual's contribution decisions in social dilemmas situations (situations, when everyone is better off keeping their endowments for themselves but everybody would be better off if everyone contributes all to the public good which is then distributed across group members) when group members benefit differently from the public good. Another topic covers workers' decision to stay or leave the firm when part of their contemporary wage is paid at later time but economic conditions are uncertain."

My future

"I started working in an area I have a long passion with: data science and  data analysis. I combine data science techniques with behavioral insights from economic theory to help business make better informed decisions."

My highlights

"Bonn is super international and very cozy at the same time! I loved living here so much that now I don't want to move to Berlin or other big city. Another thing that strongly impressed me is how friendly the people at BGSE and IZA (and in Bonn in general) are: whenever you need something, they are always there to help you as much as they can."

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