18. August 2021

Get to know: BGSE Graduate Simon Rother Get to know: BGSE Graduate Simon Rother

Congratulations! Simon Rother graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

Simon Rother
Simon Rother © Simon Rother / ECON Uni Bonn
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My Research

Dissertation: Essays on Financial Intermediation and Financial Stability
"My thesis introduces the social ties within society as an information channel in bank lending, emphasizes the role of bank-level developments for the buildup of financial fragility during asset price bubbles, and illustrates the circumstances under which macroprudential regulation benefits financial stability within and across country borders."

My Future

"I greatly enjoy being in academia and am delighted to take up a position as Assistant Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School."

My Highlights

"The people here in Bonn. I have learned so much from countless academic discussions with amazing colleagues and the time we spent together has greatly contributed to making studying here very enjoyable. Moreover, the people working at the graduate school (BGSE) and other research institutions (the CRC, ECONtribute) have been incredibly kind and supportive."

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