10. Februar 2021

Get to know: BGSE Graduates Hua-Jing Han & Christian Zimpelmann Get to know: BGSE Graduates Hua-Jing Han & Christian Zimpelmann

Congratulations! Hua-Jing Han and Christian Zimpelmann graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

BGSE Graduates
BGSE Graduates © ECON Uni Bonn
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Hua-Jing Han

My Research 

Disseration: Decisions, Behavior and Societal Challenges

"In my thesis I focused on the one hand, on studying factors influencing human behavior and decisions (reciprocity, confirmation bias, goal setting) and on the other hand, I showed how we can apply these insights to tackle societal challenges such as shortage of donor organs, polarization or resource scarcity."

My Future

"I will work in (corporate) strategy while keeping one foot in the startup scene. My work will focus on applying behavioral economic insights to innovation and technology. After all, this is one of the biggest challenges we face at the moment: How do we create technology for humans? I believe that understanding human behavior and decisions is a big missing part of this unsolved puzzle."

My Highlights

"The highlight of my PhD was probably my year in Berkeley - an opportunity offered by the BGSE which I'm immensely grateful for."

Christian Zimpelmann

My Research

Dissertation: Financial decisions of households under uncertainty

"In my thesis, I examine the decisions of households under uncertainty, i.e. in situations in which the outcome of potential choice options is not fully known to the subjects. In particular, I looked mostly at financial decisions and my three papers cover three potential factors that might drive those decisions: subjective beliefs, risk attitudes, and ambiguity attitudes. In my research, I made use of both administrative data and detailed survey data tailored to the specific research questions."

My Future

"Since I liked the research environment in Bonn so much, I decided to stay for a few years longer: as a research associate at IZA."

My Highlights

"Bonn is a very international city and I really liked my years here. I even got to enjoy and love the Karneval :) The time with the other graduate students was always nice and there was always a positive, supporting environment. A nice extra is the close cooperation of the faculty with research institutes like the briq, IZA, and the MPI."

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