04. September 2023

Get to know: BGSE Graduates Cavit Destan and Sophie Kreutzkamp BGSE Graduates Cavit Destan and Sophie Kreutzkamp

Congratulations! Cavit Destan and Sophie Kreutzkamp graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

BGSE Graduates
BGSE Graduates © ECON Uni Bonn
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Cavit Görkem Destan

My Research

Dissertation: Essays on Preference Formation

"My research centers on apparently unrelated factors within decision environments and their influence on people's decision-making processes. The thesis addresses three pivotal questions: Why do individuals sometimes engage in actions detrimental to their own well-being? How do consumers assess intricate products? And why do certain politicians enact radical policies despite the majority of voters favoring more moderate positions? I demonstrate that a common thread underlies all these inquiries: the limited attention span of individuals and the tendency to amplify salient factors."

My Future

"I am embarking on a new journey as an assistant professor at TED University in Ankara. My foremost endeavor will be establishing a new economics lab, where I intend to put into practice the invaluable insights I gained during my PhD journey, with a special emphasis on my experiences at BonnEconLab."

My Highlights

"The University of Bonn was an excellent place for my research. Apart from being home to world-class researchers, the university provided all the necessary infrastructure to pursue my research interests. This allowed me to have a hands-on experience with cutting-edge scientific practices."


Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp

My Research

Dissertation: Essays in Economic Theory

"The main project of my thesis is about communication and learning: I study the question how to effectively acquire and transmit information to a biased decision-maker. My work is of theoretical nature, but can be applied to several real-world situations like the communication strategy of central banks or advice by consulting services. For instance, limited access to information can increase the advisor’s credibility and thus improve communication between the advisor and the decision-maker. However, transparency about the advisor’s information sources always benefits both parties."

My Future

"Since I enjoyed my time at the BGSE and in academia so much, I decided to continue my career as a researcher in the UK: First, I will do a postdoc at the University of Oxford before joining the University of Manchester as a lecturer."

My Highlights

"Studying in Bonn was a wonderful experience, and I am very grateful for the numerous opportunities. A highlight of my PhD was definitely my research stay at Yale University as part of the BGSE’s exchange program. Also, I highly value the open and friendly research environment in Bonn and the strong research network at the BGSE and its cooperating institutes ECONtribute and the CRC."


Cavit Destan
Cavit Destan © Privat
Sophie Kreuzkamp
Sophie Kreuzkamp © Privat
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