What’s worth knowing in economics?

Peter Andre (BGSE) and Armin Falk (Briq) asked 10,000 economists worldwide what they think economics should be working on and what its objectives should be? Many would like to see more policy relevance, interdisciplinarity, topic diversity, and risk-taking research for their discipline.

What factors impact the spread of viruses?

Prof. Dr. Lena Janys from the Department of Economics is conducting research in new DFG-funded, transdisciplinary project of the University of Bonn and the University Hospital of Munich. The aim of the project is to develop factors relevant for the transmission and containment of SARS-CoV-2 on a biomedical and socioeconomic level.

Rapid tests effectively contained Covid-19

Economists at the Department of Economics of Bonn analyzed data from the second and third Covid wave: Rapid tests effectively broke Covid-19 infection chains in spring 2021.

Research beyond borders of disciplines: Argelander professorship for Florian Brandl

Mathematician Florian Brandl focuses on economic theory. How can different actors make joint decisions when they have different information or face uncertainties? This and other questions are tackled by mathematician and theoretical economist Dr. Florian Brandl, who will take up an Argelander Professorship at the University of Bonn on April 1 and at the same time start as a Bonn Junior Fellow at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics.

USA: Gains from accommodative monetary policy unevenly distributed

Research team from the Department of Economics evaluates income and wealth data from the United States. White households benefit significantly more from accommodative monetary policy than black households.* This is what researchers from the ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy Cluster of Excellence found.

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