Accommodation & Housing

Finding a room in Bonn in early Ocotber is extremely difficutl as several thousand new studetns move to the city. If you can come in September, you will have an easier time finding accomodation.

The Studierendenwerk (an organization providing social, financial and other support services for students in Germany) runs the majority of the dormitories in Bonn. The demand for these rooms is extremely high and available rooms are very limited. For this reason, we try to support all international Master students in finding a room, i.e. we reserve dorm rooms for our incoming international Master students through the Studierendenwerk Bonn. However, we have been informed that we will receive rooms for about 25% of all incomign international Master students only (which we will need to allocate randomly). Thus, you cannot rely on being able to reserve a room through us and will have to also look for private accomodation. We will provide you with information and support you as best we can.

Useful information regarding short-term accomodation, shared housing, student appartments and dorms run by other institutions can be found on the webpage of the University of Bonn's central International Office.

Additional Information on Dorm Room Reservation:

Please note that rooms can be reserved from the 1st of every month only. Even if you want to move in, say, on October 7, you will need to make your reservation from October 1st and pay rent for the entire month.

Application deadlines: July 31st (for move-in on October 1st) and August 31 (for move-in on November 1st), and so on.

You can apply for a room of the Studierendenwerk through us by:

  1. filling in our form; ((The form will be online after the admission period)
  2. filling out (but only after you received an e-mail with additional information from us) this form of the Studierendenwerk
  3. following the next steps described in the e-mail, you will receive. We will give you detailed information about how to apply online and how to pay the deposit;
  4. paying a 300 euro deposit to reserve a room. The deposit will be refunded once you have signed the rental agreement and paid the first month's rent for your room to the Studierendenwerk. Note that reservations are binding.
  5. You can find an overview of the dormitories on Studierendenwerk's webpage.

Some words of warning:

Please note that neither you nor we can influence the probability that you will receive a room, as the Studierendenwerk is in charge of the allocation process;
You will be offered a room irrespective of your stated preferences and you will have to accept the assigned room (if you refuse it, we will refund your deposit but no longer be able to support you in finding accommodation). During the application process, you will be asked about your preferences and will have to name three – but this is for technical reasons only.

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