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Avatar Prof. Sarah Auster
Prof. Sarah Auster
Bounded Rationality, Decision Theory, Dynamic Decision Problems, Information Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Christian Bayer
Prof. Dr. Christian Bayer
Dynamic Macroeconomics, Empirical Macroeconomics, Heterogeneity
Avatar Prof. Teodora Boneva
Prof. Teodora Boneva
Education Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Clara Brandi
Prof. Dr. Clara Brandi
Development Economics, Environmental Economics, International Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Florian Brandl
Prof. Dr. Florian Brandl
Decision Theory, Game Theory, Social Choice Theory
Avatar JProf. Pavel Brendler
JProf. Pavel Brendler
Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Public Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Christoph Breunig
Prof. Dr. Christoph Breunig
Avatar Prof. Dr. Jörg Budde
Prof. Dr. Jörg Budde
Incentive Contracts, Management Accounting, Performance Measurement
Avatar Prof. Francesc Dilmé
Prof. Francesc Dilmé
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Dynamic Models with asymmetric Information
Avatar Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
Applied Microeconometrics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Life-Cycle Formation of Cognitive & Non-cognitive Skills, Personnel and Organizational Economics, Psychology of Incentives
Avatar Prof. Dr. Armin Falk
Prof. Dr. Armin Falk
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar Prof. Thiemo Fetzer
Prof. Thiemo Fetzer
Applied Economics, Development and Growth, Political Economy
Avatar Prof. Dr. Joachim Freyberger
Prof. Dr. Joachim Freyberger
Avatar Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
Applied Microeconometrics, Empirical Health and Labor Economics, Life-Cycle Behaviour
Avatar Prof. Dr. Jürgen von Hagen
Prof. Dr. Jürgen von Hagen
International and Monetary Macroeconomics, Public Finance
Avatar Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hakenes
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Hakenes
Corporate Finance, Finance Theory, Green Finance
Avatar Prof. em. Dr. h.c. mult. Martin Hellwig
Prof. em. Dr. h.c. mult. Martin Hellwig
Economics of Information, Equilibrium Theory, Financial Institutions, Financial Markets, Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Public Goods and Taxation
Avatar Prof. em. Dr. Werner Hildenbrand
Prof. em. Dr. Werner Hildenbrand
Economic Theory, Equilibrium Theory, Structure of Market Demand, Supply Based on Micro-Data
Avatar Prof. Dr. Thomas Hintermaier
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hintermaier
Financial Economics, Macroeconomics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Brigitte Hochmuth
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Hochmuth
Empirical Macroeconomics, Heterogeneity, Labor Markets, Macroeconomics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer
Prof. Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer
Behavioral Economics, Contract Theory, Experimental Economics
Avatar Prof. Stefanie J. Huber
Prof. Stefanie J. Huber
Behavioral Macroeconomics and Finance, Gender Economics, Household Finance, Housing Markets
Avatar Prof. Zainab Iftikhar
Prof. Zainab Iftikhar
Arbeitsökonomie, Familienökonomie, Internationale Migration, Quantitative Makroökonomik, Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung
Avatar JProf. Dr. Zwetelina Iliewa
JProf. Dr. Zwetelina Iliewa
Behavioral Economics, Behavioral finance, Decision Theory
Avatar Prof. Dr. Lorens Imhof
Prof. Dr. Lorens Imhof
Evolutionary Game Theory, Experimental Design
Avatar Prof. Dr. Andreas Kleiner
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kleiner
Game Theory, Information Economics, Mechanism Design
Avatar Prof. Dr. Alois Kneip
Prof. Dr. Alois Kneip
Aggregation Theory, Functional Data Analysis, Statistics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Bernhard Korte
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Korte
Discrete Mathematics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Daniel Krähmer
Prof. Dr. Daniel Krähmer
Behavioral Economics, Contract Theory, Economics of Information
Avatar Prof. Dr. Matthias Kräkel
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kräkel
Organization Economics, Personnel Economics, Theory of the Firm
Avatar Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kube
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kube
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Personnel Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Keith Kuester
Prof. Dr. Keith Kuester
Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Avatar Prof. Botond Kőszegi
Prof. Botond Kőszegi
Behavioral Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Stephan Lauermann
Prof. Dr. Stephan Lauermann
Auctions, Bargaining, Matching, Search
Avatar Prof. Dr. Dominik Liebl
Prof. Dr. Dominik Liebl
Applied Statistics, Functional Data Analysis, Nonparametric and Semiparametric Statistics
Avatar JProf. Julia Mink
JProf. Julia Mink
Empirical Health and Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Inequality
Avatar JProf. Yuliyan Mitkov
JProf. Yuliyan Mitkov
Banking, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Benny Moldovanu
Prof. Dr. Benny Moldovanu
Auctions and Mechanism Design, Microeconomic Theory
Avatar JProf. Claudia Noack
JProf. Claudia Noack
Causal Inference, Econometrics, Nonparametrics Econometrics
Avatar Prof. Sven Rady
Prof. Sven Rady
Contracts in Real Estate Markets and their Consequences for Aggregate Fluctuations, Dynamic Decision Problems, Equilibrium Models and Games, Optimal Learning and Strategic Experimentation
Avatar Prof. Farzad Saidi
Prof. Farzad Saidi
Banking and Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance, Monetary Policy
Avatar Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann
Prof. Dr. Klaus Sandmann
Life and Pension Insurance, Option Pricing Theory, Term Structure of Interest Rates
Avatar JProf. Dr. Amelie Schiprowski
JProf. Dr. Amelie Schiprowski
Applied Microeconomics, Empirical Labor and Public Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel
Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel
Banking, Economic History, Financial Law and Economics, International Finance
Avatar JProf. Hanna Maria Schwank
JProf. Hanna Maria Schwank
Development Economics, Economic History, Gender Economics, Labor Economics, Political Economy
Avatar Prof. em. Dr. Urs Schweizer
Prof. em. Dr. Urs Schweizer
Applied Game Theory, Contract Theory, Economic Analysis of Law
Avatar Prof. Dr. Dezső Szalay
Prof. Dr. Dezső Szalay
Contract Theory, Financial Contracting, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Information Economics
Avatar Prof. Tymon Tatur
Prof. Tymon Tatur
Economic Theory, Game Theory
Avatar JProf. Dr. Jonas von Wangenheim
JProf. Dr. Jonas von Wangenheim
Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Information Economics
Avatar Prof. Jing Zeng
Prof. Jing Zeng
Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation
Avatar JProf. Donghai Zhang
JProf. Donghai Zhang
Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Time Series Econometrics
Avatar JProf. Dr. Mengxi Zhang
JProf. Dr. Mengxi Zhang
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design
Avatar Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann
Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Labor Economics
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