Study Abroad - Ways to go Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad, the Department of Economics offers you several possibilities to organize your studies abroad.

Your Options:

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Partnerships of the Department

Study abroad at one of the exclusive partner universities of the Department of Economics.

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Global Exchange Program

Study at a partner university of the University of Bonn, which enables you to spend time in Australia, Japan and the USA, among other places.

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If you would like to organize your study abroad at a university of your choice yourself, you will find useful information on how to proceed here.

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Internship Abroad

Find out here about the available funding opportunities for your study-related practical experience abroad.

More Information


Unsure about your choice of university for a semester abroad? Maybe the experiences of former exchange students will help you.


To finance your study abroad, you can find an overview of the different funding programs here.


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