Profits caused wages in the financial sector to rise

Companies share rising profits with their employees, which has led to above-average wage increases in the financial sector in recent years. This was revealed by a team led by Prof. Dr. Michael Böhm, a researcher at the Department of Economics at the University of Bonn. The study has been published as an "ECONtribute Discussion Paper".

Neue Bachelor-Kombination: Theologie und Wirtschaft

Ab dem Wintersemester 2022/23 können Studierende die Fächer Katholische Theologie und Wirtschaftswissenschaften an der Universität Bonn im Bachelor of Arts kombinieren. Der Studiengang kann in den Varianten Zwei-Fach-Bachelor sowie Kernfach Theologie mit Begleitfach Wirtschaftswissenschaften absolviert werden. Das Ziel: den ökonomischen und gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit interdisziplinär zu begegnen. Die Bewerbungsfrist für den ersten Jahrgang läuft aktuell bis 15. Juli 2022.

Verleihung der Lehrpreise für das Studienjahr 2021/22

Das Rektorat der Universität Bonn und der Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften vergeben jedes Jahr Lehrpreise an Dozentinnen und Dozenten, die besondere Leistungen in der Lehre erbracht haben. Die Lehrpreise würdigen und machen exzellente Lehre an der Universität Bonn und sichtbar. Die Preise werden in vier Kategorien vergeben. Die Kategorien tragen den unterschiedlichen Rahmenbedingungen und Anforderungen an die Lehrveranstaltungen (Teilnehmerzahl, Pflicht-/Wahlpflichtveranstaltung) Rechnung. Ein Lehrpreis verleiht das Rektorat, die übrigen drei verleiht der Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften.

Eyewitness report by Tetiana Nazaruk

There is still war in Europe.

New locker cards starting May 16

The new locker cards are issued free of charge to students of the Faculty of Law and Economics. They will be issued at the supervisor's desk of the Law Department's library. The issuance will be noted on the student's ID card, just as the activation has been noted so far.

Podcast: The SWIFT System

How hard will exclusion from the international SWIFT system hit Russia in the long term? What is the significance of SWIFT for the economy? And can Western financial sanctions end the war early?

QS ranking by subjects

In the QS Ranking by Subject 2022, the Department of Economics is among the TOP 3 universities in Germany in the subject "Economics & Econometrics". In a global comparison, it is now in 54th place.

Broad public support for reducing energy dependence on Russia

According to a representative survey for the briq policy monitor, more than two-thirds of the German population would support a halt to energy imports from Russia in order to increase pressure on the Russian government. A broad majority would also welcome additional measures to reduce energy dependence, including alternative energy sources and energy-saving. When it comes to helping the Ukrainian people, many of the respondents would support both aid and integration policies, including permanent residence and work permits for refugees. Germans are divided, however, on the question of further arms deliveries to Ukraine.

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