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Prof. Dr. Dezsö Szalay

Szalay Dezsö
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Prof. Dr. Dezső Szalay


Adenauerallee 24-42

53113 Bonn

+49 228 73-3926

Office hours

By appointment. Please send an email.
  • Microeconomics (Master)
  • Research Module in Microeconomic Theory
  •  Spieltheorie / Game Theory (Engl.)

Administrative assistant

Manuela Hildebrand

+49 228 73-9198

Research interests

  • Contract Theory,
  • Economics of Information
  • Financial Contracting
  • Industrial Organization
  • Game Theory

Curriculum vitae



Older Papers:

  • Pricing a package of services (2014), (joint with Felix Ketelaar).

Active Working Papers & Work in Progress

  • Advice from an overconfident sender
  • Optimal Contracting and Strategic Interaction (joint with Armin Schmutzler and Enrique

Press articles

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